Charleston Newspapers


About Charleston Newspapers

Charleston Newspapers is located at the corner of Virginia and McFarland streets. Under a joint operating agreement, the business has housed the two major newspapers in the state since 1960.

Charleston Newspapers currently serves as the agent for advertising, business, production and distribution for The Charleston Gazette, Charleston Daily Mail and the newspapers' combined Sunday edition – the Sunday Gazette-Mail.

The Charleston Gazette

The Charleston Gazette is independently and locally owned by The Daily Gazette Company.

Established in 1873 as a weekly newspaper, the Chilton family aquired formal interest of the newspaper in 1912. The Chilton family still owns The Charleston Gazette today, with Elizabeth Chilton serving as president of The Daily Gazette Company.

The Charleston Daily Mail

The Charleston Daily Mail traces its origins back to 1880. It was given stable ownership in 1914 by former governor of Alaska, Walter Eli Clark.

The Daily Mail ownership was later transferred to the Clay family, who sold it to Thompson Newspapers in 1987. Today, the newspaper is owned by Media News Group of Denver, Colorado.

The Gazette-Mail

The Saturday and Sunday Gazette-Mail are combined publications of The Charleston Gazette and Charleston Daily Mail.

Under the joint operating agreement of the newspapers, The Charleston Gazette is responsible for the content of these editions while the Charleston Daily Mail shares in the name and profits.

Media News Group

MediaNews Group is one of the largest newspaper companies in the United States situated throughout California, the Rocky Mountain region and the Northeast.

It is privately owned and, as of 2006, operates 54 daily newspapers in 12 states with combined daily and Sunday circulation of approximately 2.6 million and 2.9 million, respectively.


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