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What is Newspaper in Education?

The Newspaper in Education program is a cooperative effort between local schools and Charleston Newspapers to enhance student learning. NIE provides standards-based curriculum and newspapers to area classrooms to help teachers encourage a lifetime of reading, create a fun and motivational learning environment, and educate and prepare our young people for the future ahead.

The newspaper is a valuable teaching tool no matter which subject is being taught or how it is being taught. Not only is it the most comprehensive source of up-to-date news and information, it is also ideal for motivating students, broadening knowledge, and reinforcing basic skills. Perhaps more important, the newspaper is the best resource for bridging the gap between traditional textbooks and the real world.


We have over 300 different ways you can use the newspaper in student-centered activities across the curriculum.


The Newspaper: It's A Class Act

High Five Lang. Arts and Journalism Curriculum

Pressman's Hat

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