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Newspaper in Education

Dear NIE Participant,
As required by our auditors, all requests for newspapers and/or educational supplements must be followed up with a signed affidavit.

Please fill out and submit the affidavit below. If you have difficulty submitting this form over the internet, please click here to download a printable copy, and then fax it to me at 304-348-1750. By returning this form, Charleston Newspapers will be able to provide you with newspapers and/or educational supplements in the future. Thank you for your assistance. If you have any questions please call me at 304-348-7906.

Renee Daly
NIE Coordinator
Fax: 304-348-1750

NIE Affidavit

My school received newspapers in the classroom for the following educational programs. I acknowledge that these newspapers were received and used in the classroom.

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Day(s) of the week:
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